Kennel stuff update

We’ve been busy lately having the floor replaced in the kennels - lovely porcelain tiles now, easier to clean !!! It’s also now at more of an angle to enable pee to run down into the drains and the dogs have new raised beds with easy clean mats (for them that don’t chew!)


New kennel beds being fitted - have a heater underneath and waterproof padded mattress to go on top.


Then we went mad and decided to get running water down to the kennels too. This involved much digging of trenches , fitting of water pipes, filling the trenches back in and general tidying up…luckily I knew of a man with a mini-digger.


So all the hard work’s been done now, just a bit of tidying to still do - mainly just rebuilding the drystone wall where the water supply’s gone into the kennels - and we no longer have to cart bottles of water up and down the hill every day. Big thank you to Danny Keegan Plant and Excavation Ltd for the sterling work and to Edward Johnson & Sons for fitting the new bucket sink in the kennels (and moving the electric socket which was right next to it!!!) and also for giving our staff/ visitor loo an overhaul after some kind person reversed their vehicle into the party wall, causing a big crack to appear! Hopefully we’ll now pass muster when inspected by ACDH.

We had an on-line auction to raise funds for this work and I’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved with it for enabling us to crack on with getting this done……….thank you so much chaps :)