More exciting news .....

We’re going to have some babies……..well, not us personally but we’ve taken in a lovely stray bitch who’s hugely pregnant - maybe in a week or two. She’s gone to our wonderful fosterers Tammy and Nev who have lots of experience of bringing baby Lurchers into the world.

Mum (Jasmine) is pretty obviously a bull x and we have no idea what dad was, so it’ll be interesting to see what turns up…….watch this space!!!


Some exciting news for the New Year


Lurcher Link has been approached by and asked if we’d like to take part in their shelter support scheme which would involve them offering us their Canine Choice dog food, free of charge, for all of the shelter dogs for the next 6 months. Plus - not only that but, for every bag of food bought, for their own dog through, people can donate a nutritious meal to a dog in need at no extra cost. How fabulous is that????

In return the people at have asked us to share details about the dogs we have looking for homes, much as we do anyway through social media and our forum, and when a dog is adopted, make sure we have a Happy Endings story and photo so folk can follow their progress from coming to Lurcher Link to finding their own sofa.

We’ve been using a local brand of Lamb and Sweet Potato kibble over the last couple of years as we’ve found it seems to suit most of the dogs here and can offer us a food which is practically the same. We’ve done a bit of a trial run with some of the “sensitive” dogs here and they all seem to really enjoy the Canine Choice lamb food, and most importantly - it doesn’t upset their tums!! There is also a chicken and a salmon variety available with different sized kibble and different protein contents for puppies, adults and senior dogs.

We always give some food away with dogs being adopted out and now we’ll be able to give proper Trial Bags, rather than a carrier bag with kibble in it. Plus we have a personalised discount code : LURCHER30 which offers friends of Lurcher Link a 30% discount off their first big bag of Canine Choice.

So if you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious food for your Lurcher, why not have a look at Canine Choice and submit your dog’s profile to their feeding guide and see what they come up with? I did this for Odd Job and this was the result: .

They’ll show you how their food compares to other well known brands such as James Wellbeloved and AATU . You can get a trial size bag without committing yourself to a huge one, just to make sure your dog likes the food. If you’ve got any queries, you can just drop them a line through their site and see if you can find the perfect food for your dog.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We had a lovely donation of some shoe boxes of Xmas treats for the rescue dogs last Sunday. The Greyhound Trust and Sighthound Social Club met up for a walk at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and two LL volunteers, Andy and Alison, went to collect the goodies for us.Sadly I couldn’t go as I had people coming here to meet up with potential dogs, but it’s very much appreciated …none of us expected quite such a lot of boxes though :)

Bubba has selflessly volunteered to check the boxes out for us but Odd Job is trying to hypnotise me with his super powers, so he can be chief taster :)


Lovely art

I just wanted to point people in the direction of Steve Sanderson and look at his gorgeous artworks. I was aware of his " spirit hound" pictures, but when I looked on his website at the other things he paints, I was really impressed ... so much so, I bought myself one:)


It's not all lurchers and greyhounds, but there are a lot of lovely paintings featuring them. Steve also does lovely landscapes and commissions at very reasonable prices. (Christmas is coming chaps!)

Make a cuppa and go have a look. You'll be glad you did.



Thank you for the feedback

Most of it's been positive, so that's great. The mistakes that you've pointed out have been corrected as quickly as poss and a couple of broken links re-done.

We've had some suggestions of other content which could be interesting, so I'll have a stab at that too, but please don't be shy, if there's something you think we could benefit from, do let us know :)