Keep Your Dogs Safe

The Dogs Trust have teamed up with Yale Products to try and lower the amount of dogs stolen from homes each year. The number of dogs being taken is escalating as certain people realise there’s easy money to be made out of this awful business. Try and make it too difficult for them to get their hands on your dogs:

Nearly 1,000 pooches were pinched from homes & gardens last year so we've teamed up with Yale UK to bring you advice for keeping your dog safe. Take a look at our home security tips & discounts on selected security products ➡️ 🔐 #DogsTrustYale

And if you go to the Yale website, using the Dogs Trust code, you can get a discount on certain products which may help make your home and garden safer:

If the worst should happen, get on to Dog Lost asap :

Always make sure your dog’s microchip details are up to date: you’ve got a relevant ID tag on their collar and it helps if you have a recent photo of them to use on a missing poster.